Ecoseal: A Fast, Effective and Non-Hazardous Pipe Repair System

Permanently seal leaking pipe joints with Ecoseal, a two-part, non-toxic injectable sealant that offers excellent flexibility and longevity.

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Product specification

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A Highly Flexible Sealant That Allows for Pipe Movement

Ecoseal is a two-part sealant designed to be injected into pipe joints to seal leaks and lengthen the life of pipelines. This product offers excellent flexibility — it allows pipe movement, making it suitable for use in areas with excessive ground vibration or movement.

A Variety of Viscosities to Suit Every Need

Ecoseal is available in three viscosities for a range of applications:

  • Red (Thick Viscosity) — With the consistency of treacle, this is is designed to be used on mechanical joints or where the yarn has completely decayed.
  • Yellow (Thin Viscosity) — Comparable to honey, this is ideal for lead yarn joints.
  • Green (Ultra-Thin Viscosity) — This has water consistency and is perfectly suited to tightly-packed joints.

Easy and Safe Application that Yields Long-Lasting Results

Ecoseal is made from non-toxic polymers so it’s environmentally-friendly and safe for operators to use. There’s no need for costly PPE when applying this product and after use, it can be disposed of as general waste, saving costs on expensive disposal methods.

It’s waterproof once cured, making it suitable for a range of pipe repairs and industries, and once applied, Ecoseal permanently repairs pipelines, lasting for up to 50 years.

Industry-Approved to GIS LC25 Specification and DIN Standards

At MW Polymers, we’re committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards and best practices. We make sure our products meet safety specifications and get the correct industry approval.

Our Ecoseal product meets the GIS/LC25 specification — a standard designed for external sealant injection systems used to repair joints on metallic distribution pipes operating at pressures of 2 bar or less. This sealant also meets DIN standards, meaning it has gained approval for use internationally in Europe.

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