Electrical Insulating Resin: Protect Electrical Circuits with Our Resin Products

MW Polymers caters actively to the electrical industry, providing sealants and adhesives that meet the stringent regulatory demands of the electricity industry.





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Electrical Epoxy Resin Solutions That Are Safe, Durable and Flexible

As specialists in sealants and adhesives, we’ve been able to develop and manufacture products with the power to protect electrical circuits from moisture, dust, contaminants, vibrations, and impact damage.

Our products for the electric industry include injectable potting compounds and cable encapsulation resins. All of our products meet the strict regulations of the electric industry and ensure the safest solutions to electrical issues, protecting electrical circuits, operators and the environment.


Durable Products for All Environments

As with all MW Polymers products, our sealants and adhesives designed for the electrical industry are made to be long-lasting and durable. You can expect them to withstand extreme temperatures and offer water and fire resistance.

The Safest Electrical Epoxy Resins

The electric industry is high-risk, with hazards threatening short circuits, shocks, and fires. Our products meet industry regulations and offer the safest solutions to electrical issues. Health and safety is always our top priority and our products far exceed the safety and quality of alternatives.

Versatile Solutions That Meet Your Requirements

The flexibility of our resins is one of our key strengths. Depending on your requirements, we can offer electrical insulating resins that are hard and tough, or flexible, soft and suited to delicate components. We listen to your needs and provide electrical encapsulating resins that perfectly match your requirements.

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