PolyFoam Sealant: Dead Service Insertion Foam

Fill the gaps between new and existing pipeline materials with the clean and controlled application of PolyFoam pipe sealant.

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Product specification
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Easy-to-Use with a Clean and Controlled Application

PolyFoam comes in a twin-cartridge system that gives you complete control when applying the foam sealant around pipes. This pipe repair system is designed to help you deliver a quick, easy and clean application when filling the annular gap between the newly inserted plastic pipe and the existing steel service.

The system is suitable for insertion of up to 20 meters in length and only one pipe access point is required. You just need to inject PolyFoam into the service head adapter.

Once used, PolyFoam can be re-sealed and reused for multiple site applications.


A Cost-Effective and Safe Pipe Foam Sealant

PolyFoam offers a cost-effective alternative to pipe replacement, and with a system that is 100% product — no propellant or CO2 — this sealant offers simplicity during the application process and value for money.

The PolyFoam system is stable, robust, and sealed with no separate mixing requirements. It’s a low-hazard product that is safe to use.

Even the disposal of this product can be done safely, without expensive disposal costs or hazardous activities. Simply dispose of it with your general waste.

Industry-Approved to GIS LC14 Specification

At MW Polymers, we make sure our products meet industry standards and gain relevant approvals. Our products are designed to be safe and effective in line with specifications and regulations, giving you complete confidence in our products.

Our PolyFoam product meets the GIS/LC14 specification — a set of requirements designed for annular gap sealants and dead service insertion.


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